Menpar, CEO Panorama Group dan President & CEO WTTC Bicara Pariwisata Digital

Menpar Arief Yahya bersama dengan CEO Panorama Group, Budi Tirtawisata dan President & CEO WTTC, Gloria Guevara hadir dalam Press Conference Panorama Mega Conference 2018 yang berlangsung di Ritz Carlton Pacific Place. Acara Panorama Mega Conference sendiri berlangsung dengan tema ‘Taking Pride in Tourism: Indonesia and Asia Pacific Outlook Towards 2020′.

Dalam konferensi Pers tersebut, Menpar menjelaskan mengenai pentingnya deregulasi untuk memperlancar Flow of People, Flow of Trade dan Flow of Investment. Dengan mengupayakan deregulasi, digital tourism dan destinasi digital, Pariwisata Indonesia dapat tumbuh sebesar 22%.

Menyambut data dari Menpar tersebut, Gloria Guevara mengapresiasi dengan sangat positif, berikut ini adalah ungkapan yang Gloria sampaikan kepada media dalam konferensi pers tersebut :

First of all i would like to acknowledge on behalf of the private sectors for the government of Indonesia, especially for the Minister Mr. Arief, at the changes this government make, it’s getting a lot of attentions from our company members, the hotel cruises, digital company, they are interested to invest in Indonesia, thanks for the Changes and the agenda, we are acknowledged that, Indonesia is a key example, a great example for other governments because the changes that Indonesia make are very significant, the visa for example is a great example of deregulation, we are documented so it can be used for other government around the world, the role of the government is to easing investment by deregulation, i acknowledge and appreciate the minister for his works,” jelasnya.

Saat Menpar menjelaskan kepada media mengenai Destinasi Digital, Gloria pun mengiyakan pernyataan Menpar mengenai Destinasi Digital tersebut.

I believe Indonesia has a lot to offer to the millenials in South East Asia, China, United States of America, Europe, etc. because what they experience here is very authentic, and unique,” ungkapnya.

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